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We can write anything in this section of our website. All companies say they are the best and provide quality work...

We stand by that. Let us show you how we differ from our competition.

All lawn maintenance programs for fertilization and weed control have a special set of rules. All lawns are different so we cater our services to meet the needs of your lawn.

Let us show you how we are the best lawn care provider in Tennessee.

Local Turf Pros

Local Turf Pros was founded in Tullahoma, TN. The goal is the expand to other cities all across Middle Tennessee and beyond offering our professional services to more and more people.
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About Our Founder

Our company was founded by Jonathan Smith a resident of Tullahoma and the Middle Tennessee area for his whole life.

Jon had a mission and that was to create the BEST lawn care company ever known to man. That meant providing excellent service and quality work at any cost. 

Jon also wanted to cater to each customer individually so he chose the best software to allow us to create a lawn care plan for each individual customer. Not all lawns have the same needs. This will ensure that all of our customers get the service they need when they need it.

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