Five Unique Landscaping Materials

Date: April 20, 2022

Are you looking for a way to add interest to your outdoor spaces? Do you want to incorporate unique landscaping materials into your lawn? If so, we have you covered. We have gathered together a list of the top unique landscaping materials to incorporate into your outdoor areas. Many of these items are repurposed, which means you will reap the reward of saving money while transforming your space into a look that is unique as you are.

Crushed and Whole Sea Shells

Do you have a water feature you would like to showcase in your garden? Seashells may be the unique feature you have been looking for. Seashells can be purchased by the bag, or if you live near the ocean, they can be delivered by the dump truckload.

Place large shells in your water feature to add interest and help keep your water sparkling clean. The calcium in the shells helps combat algae and provides hiding places for small fish. If you have a waterfall on an ornamental pond, place shells in the waterfalls so the water cascades and trickles across the ridges of the shells.

Crushed shells can also be used as a beautiful type of mulch. The stark white of crushed shells provides the perfect backdrop for your colorful annuals and tropical greenery.


Do you love the shabby chic look and would like to incorporate it into your garden? Look no further than dishware. Brightly colored dishes can be picked up in thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales, and more. There are many ways to use dishware in your landscape.

You can create gorgeous birdfeeders by gluing a teacup to a saucer and then hanging it from a tree or attaching it to a garden stake. Birds will also love a birdbath created from a large, wide-rimmed colorful bowl placed atop a garden stake or nestled on the ground in your flower bed.

If you have old plates, you can use them to create an interesting landscape border. This technique allows you to use different-sized dinner plates, salad plates, and saucers to create a three-dimensional border. Dig a trench a couple of inches deep along the outskirts of your flower bed. Place the plates upright and pack soil around the plates to keep them sitting upright. The plates can be placed side by side with the face of the plate facing outward, or they can be stacked sideways so that only the edges are visible when looking straight toward the flower bed.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles can be used in several different ways in your landscape. Bottles are easy to accumulate, come in different colors, and are available in different sizes. As the sun shines through different colored bottles, you will be rewarded with a kaleidoscope of colors in your garden. So how can you incorporate them into your landscape?

You can use the bottles to create a colorful landscaping border. To do this, simply dig a trench along the border of your flower bed. Then place the bottles in the trench, leaving a couple of inches of the bottle exposed. Pack dirt around the bottle to hold them firmly in place.

Another option is to take several different colored bottles and create a shimmering tree. A piece of wrought iron with multiple prongs allows you to slip the bottles upside down on each prong, creating a glowing, colorful tree. If you want to enjoy this garden artwork in the evening and at night, try placing a solar-powered light atop each "branch" or string fairy lights up your tree.

PVC Pipes

Did you know that you can create a stunning border with nothing more than PVC pipes and fittings? Simply grab a few pieces of 3-inch PVC pipe and cut it into five or size inch long pieces. Use PVC glue and attach a cap to the top of each piece of pipe you cut. Now, paint the pipe and the cap a color that coordinates well with your garden. We recommend using a terra cotta colored paint as it contrasts beautifully with the various shades of green found in your landscape.

You can either dig a trench and pack soil around each piece of PVC or use our preferred method. Simply, use a rubber mallet and pound each piece of PVC into the ground, butting the pieces up against one another to form a type of fence border. When the pieces of PVC are placed in the ground, they look similar to logs or bamboo running along the front of your flower beds.

Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are gorgeous when incorporated into your landscape. These pots can be purchased new, picked up at a yard sale, or scavenged in barns and outbuildings. Terra cotta pots can withstand the elements during the summer and the winter. They can be broken and placed throughout the garden for shards of color.

Another option is to dig a hole a couple of inches deep and place a terra cotta pot on its side, burying it a few inches. Then, plant your favorite vining plants like wave petunias or portulaca and let them spill out of the terra cotta pot.

Terra cotta pots can also be put in the ground vertically to hold plants. Dig a hole as wide and as deep as your terra cotta pot. Fill your terra cotta pot with fresh potting soil and plant one of your favorite annuals in the pot. Place the pot into your pre-dug hole and cover with a bit of mulch. At the end of the year, you can remove the annual flower and replace it with a fall flower like a pansy or a chrysanthemum.

Final Thoughts

Creating a unique outdoor area is possible when you use your imagination. Use some of the materials listed above or take a look around your home and find interesting pieces that can be used in your landscape. If the piece is not designed for outdoor use, you can paint it or apply a waterproofing sealant to help it stand up to the elements. The most important thing to remember is when it comes to creating a gorgeous landscape using unique items, you are only limited by your imagination. Think outside of the box and dream of how you can create a landscape that highlights who you are and what you love.

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Five Unique Landscaping Materials
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