Granular vs Liquid Lawn Products

Date: July 1, 2022

When it comes to lawn products, there are many different products on the market, including insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Each of these products is available in liquid and dry formulas. Which one is better – granular or liquid lawn products? Continue reading to learn which formula is the best choice for lawns just like yours.

Pros and Cons of Granular Lawn Products

Granular lawn products come in a variety of formulas, sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be used to control weeds, control insects, or fertilize your lawn. Simply put, granular products are solid forms of lawn products that can be spread around the yard. Once applied, water helps the lawn product reach the soil.

Affordable Products

Granular lawn products allow you to buy in bulk which saves you money. Visit any lawn and garden or home improvement store and you will see that the price per pound is much cheaper for granular formulas compared to liquid formulas.

Application Issues

Even using a spreader, it can be difficult to get an even application of your granular lawn products. There are several reasons for this. First, the spreader must be calibrated to the lawn product you are using. You also must walk or drive at the recommended speed for the proper spreading of your granular lawn product. Finally, it can be difficult to determine where you have applied your lawn products.

Easy Storage

Granular lawn products can be stored in a dry place for an extended period of time. This means if you find a great sale on your lawn products, you can buy and bulk and store them in a shed or in the garage. Granular formulas are easy to store as long as they are kept dry, they will last for years.

Hard Work

Spreading granular lawn products requires quite a bit of work. You must lift the heavy bag of granular lawn product and dump it into the spreader. Then, you must walk in a precise pattern to ensure the product is evenly disbursed. Finally, in order to work, the granular product must be watered. Therefore, you must drag your water hose around while watering your lawn.

Remains on the Surface

Granular lawn products require water to dissolve and get into the soil. If you live in a dry area or do not water enough, the lawn product may continue to sit on the surface of the soil rather than going into the soil where it can work.

Salt Content

Slow release granular lawn products typically have a higher salt content, which can result in lawn burning. This is especially common in lawns with newer grass or if you apply too much granular lawn product to your lawn.

Slower Release

Although there are slow release liquid lawn products, granular products are better. The solid form allows for a slower release of the lawn product. The slow release formula provides coverage and protection for several weeks or months, depending on the formula.

Special Equipment Required

In order to evenly disburse the granular lawn product, you need to use a drop spreader or a handheld broadcast spreader. You can purchase a cheap handheld broadcast spreader for as little as $30. Higher quality drop spreaders can cost between $50 and $150. If you have a larger lawn or piece of property, you may prefer a spreader that you can tow behind your lawn mower. This type of spreader can cost several hundred dollars.

Pros and Cons of Liquid Lawn Products

Much like granular lawn products, liquid lawn products are available in a variety of formulas and options. Liquid lawn products can be used to fertilize your lawn and garden areas, control weeds, or combat insects in the landscape. Liquid lawn products can come pre-mixed, or they can come concentrated. No matter the formula, they have the same advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of liquid lawn products.

Doesn’t Last a Long Time

Granular lawn products tend to last an entire season while liquid lawn products do not last that long. When it rains, it can dilute the liquid lawn products, causing them not to work as well as granular lawn products.

Easy to Use

Liquid lawn products are extremely easy to use. Different formulas require different methods. You may need to connect a water hose to the hose end of a bottle, you may need to pour the solution into a sprayer, or the solution may come in its own spray bottle. No matter which formula or delivery method is chosen, liquid lawn products are easier to use than granular lawn products.


Liquid lawn products are typically more expensive than granular lawn products. In addition to this, you will need to reapply liquid lawn products often, which ends up adding to the overall cost throughout the growing season.

Know Where You Have Sprayed

You can use a pattern indicator dye and add it to your liquid lawn product. A pattern indicator dye temporarily dyes the areas where you have applied your liquid lawn product. This can prevent you from applying too little or too much of your lawn product.

Mixing with Other Products

Did you know that you can mix different liquid lawn products together? For example, you may wish to combine a selective herbicide with a fertilizer and a pesticide. Being able to mix lawn products together into one spray bottle allows you to accomplish all of your lawn care needs at one time.

No Special Tools Needed

If you choose a hose based spray bottle, the only tool you will need is your water hose. Simply, connect the hose to the bottle, turn on the water, and spray your lawn with the liquid lawn product.

Reaches the Roots

Liquid lawn products are absorbed into the soil quickly. This means you do not need to worry if you have applied enough water or if you have applied too much water. Additionally, you will begin noticing results quickly.

Storage Problems

Unlike granular lawn products, liquid lawn products can separate during cold weather. When this separation occurs, the inert ingredients typically rise to the top while the active ingredients collect at the bottom. If you do not thoroughly mix the lawn product the next season, you can use too little or too much of the liquid lawn product.

Weather Impacts the Effectiveness

Because liquid products are sprayed on, the wind can affect the effectiveness. If the wind is blowing, it can cause the liquid to be blown in an area you have already treated. This can cause over application in some areas and under application in other areas.

And the Winner Is…

Granular as well as liquid lawn products have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to affordable, effective lawn products, granular products are the way to go. Granulated formulas continue to work long after they are applied. These products are affordable, able to be stored for extended periods of time, and keep your landscape looking great for several months.

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Granular vs Liquid Lawn Products
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