Lawn Treatments for Insects – How Often and Why?

Date: September 7, 2022

Lawn insect treatments are effective at controlling and eliminating insects that can damage your lawn and landscape, biting bugs, grubs, and so much more. If you are a homeowner dealing with insects, you probably have many questions like how often pesticides should be used and why it is important to spray your lawn for insects.

When it comes to lawn treatments for insects, it is important to understand this is not a one time thing. To control insects on your lawn and around your house, you will need to spray your lawn throughout the year. Different bugs emerge at different times throughout the year. Let’s look at the different times throughout the year your lawn should be treated for insects.

Early Springtime

During the cold winter months, most insects remain dormant. Insects live in shrubs and trees during the cold months, waiting for warmer temperatures to arrive in the spring. Pest control in the early spring involves spraying your lawn, shrubs, and trees.

We recommend treating your lawn, trees, and shrubs between late February and early March. You want to spray before your plants begin to green up and grow. Spraying at this time helps control aphids, caterpillars, and mites. Additionally, spraying at this time will prevent insect eggs that were laid in the fall from hatching.

Spraying in the early spring helps protect against pest infestations once the temperatures warm up. In addition to this, early spring lawn treatments protect your plants and lawn as they begin growing in the spring.

Early Summertime

As temperatures begin to climb, plants begin to turn green and flowers begin to bloom, it is important to have your lawn treated for insects again. At this time of the year, beetles, cutworms, and lace bugs begin showing up. In addition to these insects, spraying in the early summer will protect against an infestation of aphids, leafhoppers, and mites.

When your lawn care service treats your lawn in the early summer, they will also look for any insect damage. If damage is found, your lawn care service will determine how often reapplication will need to be done to protect against further damage. In addition to regular insecticide spraying, we recommend removing all dead plants as the decaying plant material can attract insects.

Mid to Late Summertime

Mosquitoes and other biting insects begin showing up around the middle of summer. Biting insects can quickly multiply; therefore, it is essential that you act quickly. Unless you have a plan to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from breeding, they can quickly become a nuisance and overrun your lawn.

Patches of weeds, overgrown areas, loose garbage, and standing, stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clearing these areas is the first line of defense in preventing an insect infestation. Routine spraying of the lawn, foliage, shrubs, and trees will help reduce the population of mosquitoes in your landscape.

In addition to spraying for nuisance insects, we recommend planting mosquito repelling plants like citronella grass. Placing this natural mosquito repellent throughout your landscape along with routinely spraying your lawn for insects will help keep mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy spending time outdoors.


Autumn is the last season of the year that you will need to spray for insects and pests. During this time of the year, crawling insects like ants and water bugs are quite common. At this time, your entire lawn should be sprayed. Additionally, your Nashville lawn care business will apply insecticide near your home’s foundation to create a barrier to help prevent insects from entering your home.

Applying pesticides in this manner during the fall helps keep a variety of pests and insects out of your home, including ants, centipedes, cricket, spiders, and water bugs. We will spray the foundation of your home along with spraying about 4 inches of the soil located near your foundation. This will help prevent burrowing insects from entering your home.

We Are Here for You!

Pest control takes a lot of time and effort. However, it is essential for a healthy home and landscape. We have the knowledge and the skill necessary to keep those pesky pests at bay. Regular spraying of your property helps keep the bugs at bay and allows you to enjoy your property. In addition to routinely spraying your property, we will provide you with tips to help your property free of bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawlers.

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Lawn Treatments for Insects
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