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Lawn Fertilization And Weed Control Treatments in Hendersonville, TN

Are you tired of weeds competing for space in your Hendersonville lawn? Are you tired of mowing your lawn only to have grassy weeds like crabgrass, johnsongrass, or nutsedge make it look like wasted effort? Local Turf Pros can help you with weed control treatments for your lawn.
Not only will we be controlling unsightly weeds in your lawn but we will fertilize your grass and condition your soil to provide the best possible environment for your grass.
By using our service your lawn will be thick green and beautiful and your neighbors will envy you! 
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You Need Local Turf Pros Fertilization & Weed Control Treatments in Hendersonville, TN
Local Turf Pros serves the Hendersonville, TN area for fertilization & weed control. We love helping families in the Hendersonville area have beautiful lawns that are well cared for and weed free. We service a lot of locations Durham Farms being one of our largest community presence.
We offer Premium Lawn Care services offering Lawn FertilizationWeed ControlCore AerationOverseedingGrub ControlLawn Disease TreatmentPerimeter Pest Control, as well as Tree & Shrub Care in Hendersonville, TN
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No More Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Dandelions & More

Tired of crabgrass, nutsedge, dandelions and other unsightly weeds in your lawn? Don't worry we control all of these and more!
We employ the top techs who are licensed and trained on the weeds that most Hendersonville residents see in their lawns. We have the right weed treatment for every possible weed in your Hendersonville lawn.

Weeds In Hendersonville, TN

There are a lot of different weeds in Hendersonville. Most of them can be controlled using a pre-emergent application in the spring when temperatures reach the optimal germination temps for these weeds.

Pet Friendly Family Safe Organic Options Available

We realize that some of our clients prefer the organic lawn treatments for fertilization and weed control. Ask your tech to give you the organic lawn fertilization and weed control treatment options for your Hendersonville home.
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Lawn Treatments Fertilization & Weed Control Services We Offer In Hendersonville, TN

We offer a number of great services for your lawn in Hendersonville, TN. The list below are all of the services we offer:
Continue scrolling to learn more about our services we offer in Hendersonville. We absolutely have what you need for your home and lawn.
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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Murfreesboro

Client Testimonials

"Great customer service, very professional and great work. Will suggest to neighbors."
-Andrew H.
"Jon does an outstanding job. Our yard looks fantastic"
-Michael W.
"Very pleased. They came and went right to work. We had a difficult situation but they made it look so good. I highly recommend Local Turf Pros."
-Sabrina W.

Why Do You Need Lawn Treatment Services?

Our Hendersonville lawn treatment program provides many benefits that outweigh doing it yourself. Our certified technicians make 100% accurate and calibrated lawn treatment applications at the right time of the season. 

There is no need for you to store and apply fertilizers or weed control products. 

Our professional lawn fertilization & weed control treatment program is guaranteed and if you notice problems between regular scheduled visits, service calls are free!
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Local Turf Pros - Hendersonville, TN Lawn Services Offered

Each client we serve in Hendersonville has their own individual needs. Luckily we are able to cater our services based on the needs of each individual lawn we treat.

We do this effectively by taking soil samples each year to see what nutrients your soil lacks. We then add these organic nutrients to your soil to give your lawn the best source for nutrients it needs to be thick, green and healthy.

Our fertilizer and weed control lawn treatments for our Hendersonville clients are 100% guaranteed. Just ask our current clients.

Lawn Fertilization - Hendersonville

We provide Hendersonville, TN home owners with exceptional lawn fertilization services. We know what rates to apply and the best products to apply at various seasonal windows.

Grub Control - Hendersonville

Grubs are found in Hendersonville, TN and we know how to control them and even prevent them. If you let grubs control your lawn then you will end up with dead grass and a big expensive mess. Let us handle your grubs for you.

Weed Control - Hendersonville

Our weed control services in Hendersonville, TN are unbeatable. We will keep your lawn weed free and come back at no charge if we miss anything.

Tree & Shrub Care - Hendersonville

Your trees and shrubs were not cheap and to keep them thriving and disease free you need our tree and shrub services. We will continuously check them for any possible invaders as well as keep them fed and healthy.

Aeration - Hendersonville

Aeration is a must do maintenance task to do each and every year. This loosens up compact soil and allows air water and nutrients to enter into the soil and reach grass roots.

Perimeter Pest Control - Hendersonville

Tired of bugs getting into your home? You need Local Turf Pros perimeter pest control services. We create an invisible barrier around your home stopping bugs in their tracks. This is great for ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas and much more.

Overseeding - Hendersonville

Overseeding is a must for cool season grasses which make up most lawns in Hendersonville, TN. We apply high quality seed and product to ensure a successful germination and service quality.

Lawn Disease Control - Hendersonville

Certain times of the year a lot of lawns in Hendersonville fall victim to lawn disease like brown patch or dollar spot. These can be controlled but best of all they can be prevented. 
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Hendersonville Weed Control Services

Local Turf Pros is your best option for weed control. We not only know our weeds and how to control them we know how to prevent them in the first place. Effective control is usually done in a preventative way that limits chemicals being sprayed on your lawn.

Most weed control companies (ie: our competitors) have a blanket spray and pray approach often mixing several selective chemicals together in the same tank to cover as many weed species as possible and just arrogantly spraying these chemicals on your lawn. We have a different approach.

We target each weed individually. We also never blanket spray chemicals and the only blanket spraying you will see us doing are the products used twice a year to prevent weeds throughout the year as well as fertilizer and bio nutrients that your soil needs.
Our fertilizer and preventative weed control efforts in Hendersonville, TN help keep your lawn thriving each and every year costing you less in water and making your home value increase.
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Hendersonville Lawn Fertilization Weed Control Spray Service
We love corner lots and this corner lot in Hendersonville, TN is one of our favorites we treat. Durham Farms Subdivision.
Hendersonville Weed Control Spray Service
Jaesen, one of our spray techs is working hard on this lawn applying fertilizer application in Hendersonville.
Hendersonville Weed Control
Beautiful lawn weed control and fertilization lawn in Hendersonville, TN. This is in Durham Farms Subdivision.
We truly love what we do for the city of Hendersonville. Our fertilization and weed control service is exactly what you need to get the lawn of your dreams. We focus on soil health and apply regularly scheduled treatments based on your individual lawn needs. Our lawn service is above the rest...just ask your neighbors. 

Want to see some of our work? Take a drive through Durham Farms in Hendersonville, TN and look for our yard signs. We think you might be impressed with our lawn treatment spray service.
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