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Local Turf Pros now offers hydroseeding. We use top of the line equipment to provide the best possible results for our hydroseeding clients. 

A beautiful green lawn should not be hard to obtain. Your pros at Local Turf Pros have you covered.
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Hydroseeding Process

Our first approach is removing the old turf and building up the soil with nutrient dense soil and compost which will benefit the new grass being planted in your lawn. 

Once your lawn is down to the dirt we will use our hydroseed machine to spread a liquid mulch that has seed, fertilizer and a protection barrier. In about 3 weeks you will see green beautiful grass that now needs to be treated with our lawn treatment program.

Hydroseeding Preparation

Not all lawns will need prep before hydroseeding. Some lawns can just take our hydroseeding mulch and it will be perfect however some lawns are filled with weeds and other debris. In this case we will want to do a lawn renovation to ensure the success of your lawn.

Sure most companies can offer you a cheap price to seed your lawn and see pretty good results but these results will not last very long as the grass is only as good as the soil housing it. Your grass roots need soil and nutrients free from rock and other debris to grow its best. If you do not prep the soil then your new grass will be short lived.

Hydroseeding Vs Sodding

We do offer sod to our clients but the cost of hydroseeding is better for our clients. We understand some people want the instant lawn but if you can be patient for a few weeks you can save a ton of money letting us hydroseed for you. 

Sod is great and is a viable option for your lawn but is it worth the cost compared to hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding Nashville Before And After
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