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Mosquitos carry many harmful diseases and these can be passed on to your family with one bite. That is why we offer mosquito control in the Middle Tennessee area for our clients.
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Mosquito Control Middle Tennessee

How We Prevent Mosquitos

We take mosquito control very serious. Mosquitos carry many diseases that can cause illness and seriously affect your quality of life. Diseases such as West Nile and Zika can be prevented with our mosquito control services. Resource

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Step 1: Inspection
We will come to your home to inspect the entire property looking for places mosquitos hide. We will also educate you on ways to prevent  mosquitos.
Step 2: Control
Our seasoned techs will deploy a proven formula spray in areas where mosquitos nest and you will see noticeable results within 24 hours.
Step 3: Monthly Service
We will be at your home every month to continue to spray for mosquitos and keep them off your property.
Service Guarantee
Our services are 100% guaranteed. If you notice mosquitos flying around after 72 hours please give us a call we will retreat for free.
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We start with an assessment for adult and preadult breeding sites. We will help you remove these and educate you on how to further prevent these breeding sites.

We will then deploy treatment with adulticide and larvicide mixed targeting both adults and larvae to exterminate your mosquito problem.

All techs are well trained and licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.
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