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Are you being invaded by ticks, fleas, spiders or other insects? Let Local Turf Pros help you control these creepy crawlers with our perimeter pest control service.

Insect control is a program we offer which will eliminate fleas, ticks, ants and spiders from your property. If you have animals or use your lawn often then our preventatives are crucial. Without our perimeter pest control and insect control service your pets will be welcoming these critters into your home.

Flea and Tick Perimeter Pest Control

The perimeter of your home is everything outside your home exterior walls. We will spray a preventative but also a control if necessary.

We will take preventative action on your property to eliminate the possibility of these pests from entering your home but also keep them off your property so you do not have to be irritated by ticks, fleas and much more.

What Can I Expect To See With This Service

Home barrier protection to stop insects and other pests from entering your home.
Perimeter spray to kill and prevent any unwanted pests.
Service guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with our services. We will come back to retreat if you see any unwanted pests.
Service 4 times per year to ensure unwanted pests are eliminated and continually prevented from entering your home.
With our service you will see a reduced population of ants, spiders, ticks and much more.
Perimeter Pest Control Insect Control

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