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Nutsedge Weed Control

Type: Grassy Weed
Traits: Erect
Life Cycle: Perennial

Appearance: Nutsedge is an aggressive perennial weed that has a triangular shaped blade of grass. It grows rapidly during the summer month. Nutsedge produces spiky flower clusters that vary in color based on the type of nutsedge. Yellow nutsedge produces brownish yellow flowers while purple nutsedge creates purplish brown flowers. Nutsedge leaves are shiny and smooth and have a distinctive “V” shape.

Nutsedge has an extensive root system that can reach four feet deep, which makes it difficult to control. You will need to choose an herbicide that is designed to kill nutsedge weeds. One of the best ways to control nutsedge is through post emergent herbicides. The best herbicide formulas for nutsedge include Bentazon, Imazaquin, Halosulfuron, and Sulfentrazone. You want to ensure that your lawn has the proper pH level. You want to reduce waterings, and mow regularly to help prevent nutsedge from taking hold. DO NOT PULL NUTSEDGE AS IT WILL SPREAD!

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