Pre Emergent Vs Post Emergent Herbicides

Date: June 23, 2022

Weeds creep into the most manicured lawn. Luckily, there are many different herbicides that can be used to get rid of those pesky weeds and create the lawn that you have always dreamed of.

Because of the vast number of herbicides available, it can be difficult for a homeowner to determine which herbicide is best for their lawn.

That is where we come in. We can simplify your lawn care, get rid of weeds in your landscape, and create the lawn you have always wanted.

Understanding Preemergent Herbicides – What Are They?

Preemergent herbicides work by preventing weed seeds from germinating. They interrupt the growth cycle before weeds even have a chance to pop up in your lawn and landscaped areas. Simply put, a preemergent herbicide is a preventative measure to help block weeds from germinating in your lawn or landscaped areas.

When Should Preemergent Herbicides Be Applied?

A preemergent herbicide will need to be applied before seeds begin germinating. The exact timing of the application is dependent on the type of weed involved. For example, summer annuals germinate in the late spring to early summer; therefore, a preemergent herbicide would need to be applied in early spring. For best results, a preemergent herbicide should be applied approximately two weeks before it is time for the weed seeds to germinate.

In Tennessee, you will want to apply preemergent weed killer between the middle of February and the first of March. This will help prevent summer annuals and summer perennials from germinating. If you have winter annuals or winter perennials, you will want to apply a preemergent herbicide between the end of September and the beginning of October.

How to Choose a Preemergent Herbicide

There are different preemergent herbicide formulas. For example, some herbicides are designed to control broadleaf weeds while others are designed to control grassy weeds. You will need to determine what type of weeds are on your lawn. In addition to this, if you will be applying a preemergent herbicide to treat your lawn, you will need to determine the type of grass you have as certain grasses can be damaged by a preemergent grass.

Understanding Post Emergent Herbicides – What Are They?

A post emergent herbicide is used once weeds have germinated. When you see weeds popping up in your lawn or landscaped areas, it is time to grab a post emergent herbicide. There are post emergent herbicides specifically designed for certain types of weeds like broadleaf or grassy weeds.

When Should Post Emergent Herbicides Be Applied?

Post emergent herbicides should be applied as soon as you see weeds popping up. Although a post emergent weed killer can be used anytime during the growing season, it works best when weeds are young and tender. If the weeds have matured, it may take more than one application to wipe out the weed.

How to Choose a Post Emergent Herbicide

There are different types of post emergent herbicides, including selective and nonselective herbicides. Selective herbicides only kill certain types of weeds. For example, a selective weed killer may only kill broadleaf weeds. A non selective weed killer, on the other hand, kills everything that it comes in contact with.

Learning to Identify Weeds

Knowing the type of weed that has infiltrated your landscape can be difficult to do on your own. There are a couple of ways to make it easier. You can take a photograph of the weed and visit your local Extension agency and ask for help.

Another option is to take a photograph of the weed and visit your local landscape nursery, big box retailer, or home improvement store. There is a possibility that one of the employees will be able to help identify the weed. Finally, there are several apps that can help you identify the weed. We even have our own weed library here on the Local Turf Pros website. Click the blue link to view.

If you use an app, you will need to choose your geographical area, choose the type of weed (broadleaf, grassy, etc). Then, you will need to look through photographs to determine the weed that has taken root in your lawn. Once you find the weed, you will need to read about the weed and find out the type of weed and the best herbicide to use.

Treating Weeds

Treating your lawn is delicate work. You need a product that will effectively kill weeds while keeping your grass looking amazing. If weeds have already sprung up, you will need to choose a post emergent, selective herbicide. When choosing an herbicide, verify that the herbicide is safe to use on the turf grass and is effective at killing the type of weed in your lawn.

Understanding Weed and Feed Products – Herbicide and Fertilizer Combos

Weed and feed products are designed to create a lush, beautiful lawn. These products have a fertilizer and a herbicide. The herbicide in these products is typically designed to destroy broadleaf weeds.

Do Weed and Feed Products Contain Preemergent or Post Emergent Herbicides?

Weed and feed products can have either preemergent or post emergent weed killer, which is why it is essential that you read the label. If the weed and feed product contains preemergent herbicides, the label will say it is designed to prevent weeds or have the word preventative on the label. This type of weed and feed should be applied using the information about preemergent weed killers listed above. Typically, you will want to apply this type of product in the late fall to early winter.

Weed and Feed Products and Warm Season Lawns

Warm season turf grass like Zoysia, Centipede, and Bermuda can be damaged if a fertilizer and herbicide product containing nitrogen is applied. When looking at a weed and feed product, make sure that the first number in the formula is a zero (This number states the amount of nitrogen in the product.).

Weed and Feed Products and Cool Season Lawns

A cool season lawn like tall fescue can be given a weed and feed product containing nitrogen. However, it should only be applied in either the spring or the fall. If it is applied in the warm summer months (June through August), it can damage your turf grass.

Schedules Are Essential to Weed Control

A beautiful lawn begins with a strict schedule. You must know the type of turf grass in your lawn, the weeds that are prone to popping up in your lawn, and the type of herbicide needed. In addition to this, you must know the best height to keep turf grass to reduce weed growth, how often your lawn needs to be watered, and when the best time is for fertilizing your lawn.

A beautiful, weed free lawn is possible; however, it can be difficult for a homeowner. Weed control methods and lawn maintenance should be left to the professionals. A lawn professional has a thorough knowledge of the most common weeds that impact lawns in the area. They know which products work best for each type of turf grass and the best time for application.

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Pre Emergent Vs Post Emergent Herbicides
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