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Achieve a weed free, thick, beautiful, green and healthy lawn this year with Local Turf Pros! 
Local Turf Pros is your best option for weed control services. We utilize the best products to control weeds by spot treating your lawn where weeds are present as well as a Spring and Fall preemergent application. Your lawn will receive a pre-emergent application twice per year to prevent warm season and cool season grassy and broadleaf weeds from even germinating in the first place. This on top of our spot treating you will have a weed free lawn.

Combine our weed control services with lawn fertilization applications you will see noticeable results in the quality of your lawn very quickly. Both services work together for best results.

Our main focus as a company is the health of your lawn. We provide fertilization and weed control and combined this service will help choke out weeds trying to compete for real estate on your lawn.

Unlike most lawn care companies we never blanket spray post emergent herbicides. We choose to spot spray which keeps unnecessary chemicals off your lawn. Just our way of helping the environment.
It will likely cost you less to have a professional with Local Turf Pros to provide lawn treatment services for your lawn compared to doing it yourself?
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What To Expect From Local Turf Pros

Our number one priority as a service company is your complete satisfaction. To get the most out of our services you have to have a little faith in our process and experience.
Your lawn will not be weed free from day one. After our first treatment you will start to see dying weeds within 24 to 48 hours depending on the weeds that infest your lawn. 
Our more than capable Local Turf Pros technicians will identify and eliminate the weeds that invade your lawn. 

Some of what you can expect from us:
Proper Lawn Fertilization
Weed Control Spot Spraying
Insect Control
Disease Control
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Get The Most From Local Turf Pros Weed Control Services

There are some things we expect from our customers. Yes we are your service provider but if we work together you will get the most effective lawn treatment. They are small things that increase the efficacy. 
1. Watering Your Lawn - Sometimes watering your lawn after a treatment can cancel out what we have done for you. Wait at least 3 to 5 hours or even the next day for best results. We want you to water your lawn but not right after every treatment. Some treatments will require you to water so we will instruct you when necessary.
2. Wait 24 Hours To Mow - If you mow too soon the product we apply to control your weeds may not have had time to get into the weeds system. It is best to wait at least 24 hours to mow after we have serviced your lawn.
3. Be Consistent With Lawn Care - If you hire someone to mow your lawn please make sure they mow it regularly. We recommend at least bi-weekly but weekly is best. This helps keep your grass healthy never cutting more than a third of the length at one time preventing shock to the grass. Services like aeration and overseeding are recommended for optimal results. Also it is best to mow in different directions each time preventing folding of your grass blades.
4. Be Patient - Weed control is not an overnight process. We are still working on that invention but it might be years to come. On a serious note, weed control takes time, it takes effort and it takes consistency. You hired us and we will perform for you. Typically weeds can be controlled pretty quickly but sometimes they do require multiple treatments. If you are new to our services we need to service your lawn for an entire season sometimes to get it to where we are happy with it. Trust us and trust the process. We have your back.
Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is an unsightly weed that can be tough for homeowners to get rid of. We focus more on the prevention aspect of weed control which means less chemical used on your lawn. Crabgrass control is the smartest and most effective way to get rid of crabgrass and keep it away.

We will use a pre-emergent in the spring months to prevent this sucker from even germinating. Local Turf Pros has you covered.

If we have to we can control crabgrass with our post-emergent products. 

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is a very hard weed to control due to the thick leaf blade that this weed produces. It requires a special product to control post but if you get down a good pre-emergent this weed should be controlled that way best. 

Be sure not to pull these weeds as this will activate dormant bulbs in the ground causing it to spread and come back. 
Nutsedge Control
Dallisgrass Control

Dallisgrass Control

Dallisgrass is often confused with crabgrass or even johnsongrass. Dallisgrass is a very unsightly weed that will invade your lawn and eventually overtake it with more.

We will use a pre-emergent in the spring months to prevent dallisgrass from even germinating.

Johnsongrass Control

Johnsongrass can grow in some of the most odd spots on your property. We control Johnsongrass with a pre-emergent but we can also control post germination with spot spraying an herbicide.

Let us help you get rid of weeds in your lawn and control Johnsongrass and other weeds taking over your lawn.
Johnsongrass Control
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