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Mechanical core aeration is a crucial part of creating a beautiful lawn. It is necessary to allow airflow as well as a place for seed to grow. When you aerate your lawn you allow for air, nutrients and water to penetrate the soil much easier. Aeration also helps with drainage.

We perform aeration using top of the line equipment which pulls 2" plugs of soil from the ground. Our process has always worked well for our customers. When combined with our overseeding service your lawn will benefit tremendously.

Benefits Of Core Aeration

Over time your lawn is compacted from use such as walking on it, mowing and a natural gravitational pull. This causes your grass roots to suffer, poor nutrition from being unable to absorb nutrients and poor air circulation. When you core aerate your lawn you are giving your grass roots room to breath and the ability to feed.

Core aeration is crucial to the success of your lawn.

Not only does it provide a better environment for the grass it also helps with our weed control program by preventing weeds naturally. Aeration produces thicker grass root systems which chokes out and prevents unsightly weeds from taking hold. 

A thicker healthier root system in your lawn also helps with insect control, drought tolerance and heat stress.

Combine core aeration, overseedinglawn fertilization, and weed control services and you will see a remarkable difference in your lawn.
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Best Time To Core Aerate Your Middle Tennessee Lawn

The best time to core aerate your Middle Tennessee lawn is spring and fall. This is when the soil is most moist which improves the quality of cores that we are able to pull from your lawn. It is also the best time to overseed due to the temperatures during these times as well as available water.
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