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Grubs can kill off an entire lawn in a matter of days. They eat the roots below the soil that kills your grass usually in small sections. You will notice round patches of dead grass which is often times mistaken as a fungus or disease.

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Grub Control

How To Know If You Have Grubs

If you see beetles flying around on your property then chances are you have grubs. A grub is the larval stage of many types of beetles and moths. Even these beetles can cause problems as they feed on trees and shrubs making them unsightly.
When a beetle lays her eggs in your lawn they will hatch and the small grubs will burrow down into your soil and get to work feeding on your grass roots. This is especially a problem in fescue and bluegrass.

Generally, grubs are not a problem in small population throughout your lawn but when they reach 10 per square foot they will destroy your lawn causing you to have to resod your lawn which can be quite expensive.
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Learn more about grubs and how they can affect your lawn. We have an entire blog post about these lawn pests.
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