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Lawn diseases and funguses can reek havoc on your lawn causing damage that can be irreversible. Unfortunately, that can be quite expensive to fix which means you should prevent it. Using a lawn care service like Local Turf Pros you will rest assured that your lawn will be well taken care of. 

There are many diseases and funguses that attack lawns in the Middle Tennessee area and we are very familiar with them all. 

Not all lawn care companies watch for these. They just ignore it and that could be devastating to your lawn. We are properly trained and keep notes on your lawn and walk the entire area each visit to ensure no issues. 

We are so confident that if your lawn is to ever need replaced we will do it free of charge. If you are on our premium lawn treatment plan this is our guarantee to you.
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Common Lawn Diseases In Middle Tennessee

Brown Patch Lawn Fungal Disease

Brown Patch

Brown patch (Rhizoctonia Blight) is a lawn fungal disease that can quickly take over your lawn. To avoid brown patch you must put down a fungicide during the optimal window. This is typically during and after the rainy seasons in Middle Tennessee. Late Spring and early Fall are the optimal times to apply preventatives. 

If you already have patches of brown then you may want to treat it using a fungicide or reach out to your Local Turf Pros technician to get us out to treat it for you. 

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot (Sclerotinia Homeocarpa) is another fungal disease that attacks during warm weather. If you water in the afternoon then you are creating the best environment for this lawn disease and others.

Dollar spot gets its name from the small round patches of dead or dying grass the size of a silver dollar which can get larger if the problem is not cured with a fungicide application. You must catch this fast and treat early. Give Local Turf Pros a call to get this fungus under control.
Dollar Spot Lawn Fungal Disease

Avoiding Lawn Diseases

There are a few things you can do to avoid lawn diseases and funguses. The ideal start is preventatives like a fungicide treatment during the optimal window of time using Local Turf Pros.

Mowing Properly

Keeping your grass well maintained regularly is a great start. Never mow more than a third of the length of your grass. This causes stress and opens the doors to an invasive fungal disease like brown patch, dollar spot, leaf blight, and even leaf rust.

Watering Correctly

It is a bad idea to water your lawn during the afternoon. This causes fungal diseases in your lawn. It also wastes your water as it is evaporating and the lawn does not benefit at all. Never let water sit on your lawn overnight. We understand that if it rains you cannot really help that.

We recommend watering for 30 minutes in the morning 3 times per week. Ideally you want about 1 inch of water each week. You will have to work with mother nature to get this right and if it rained you may need to scale back on your watering efforts.

Using Local Turf Pros

With Local Turf Pros you don't have to worry with these fungal issues. They may pop up but we will be ready to treat if they do. We normally do not see any lawn disease issues with our clients as we apply preventatives during the appropriate seasonal window. Sometimes that is not enough but we will be on top of it if not.
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