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Our Seed

We use the best seed you can possibly by so that you will have zero weed contaminations in your seed and to help resist common diseases and for drought tolerance.

You can count on us to provide a premium product that we would use on our own lawns.
Seeding Before and After
We offer overseeding to our current clients only. This service is performed each fall to help thicken up your fescue lawn. Seeding your fescue lawn each year is an important step in achieving the perfect lawn.

Combine aeration overseeding and you have the perfect recipe for a thick, green and healthy lawn.

We also offer hydroseeding in the Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas.

Our Seeding Process

We seed hundreds of lawns each year. Customers like you trust Local Turf Pros because of our experience and our knowledgeable staff and technicians.

If you opt to have your lawn seeded we require an aeration to be completed prior to seeding your lawn. It is two services done on the same day. Seeding a fescue lawn is crucial to the success of your lawn and helps to create the thick lawn you desire. 

Seeding also helps to prevent weeds from finding opportunity in your lawn. A nice thick grassy lawn will choke out opportunistic weeds and help prevent weed seeds from even germinating.
Step 1: Aeration
The first step in our process is to core aerate your lawn. This will help loosen the compacted soil and provide a place for seed to hide and it also helps get air into your soil among other great benefits.

Step 2: Overseeding
We will seed your lawn with our premium weed free seed. We seed at a higher rate than most to ensure perfect coverage.

Step 3: Nutrients
We will now add a starter fertilizer to help the process along from germination to full grown grass.
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Important Steps After Seeding

After we seed your lawn it is important to keep the seed moist from watering your lawn. You do not have to water much more than normal but for a few weeks you should water a few times per day to keep the lawn moist in order for the seeds to germinate. If your seed isn't watered everyday it could dry out and that will kill it rendering the overseeding ineffective.

We seed our customers lawns every fall and we could be seeding your lawn this year. Give us a call to get on our seeding schedule.
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