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Lawn Care 101 - Grass Types

If you want to do your own lawn care and achieve exceptional results it is important to know your grass type, what it needs, how to care for it and what chemicals are safe to apply to your specific grass type.
Here in Middle Tennessee we have a few different grass types. We are located in what is called the transitional zone. In our area we can plant several grass types. Just choose your favorite and plant it.


Fescue Grass


Bermuda Grass


Zoysia Grass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Knowing Your Grass Type

It is important to know your grass type so that you know what products you can and cannot apply to your lawn. This is very important. Some post emergent herbicides are labeled for certain grass types and if you apply any herbicide that is not labeled for your grass type you run the risk of killing the grass plant.
Example: If you have a fescue lawn and you apply bermuda weed control products that is not labeled as safe for fescue then you will likely kill that area that you sprayed. Also, fescue will not regrow. It will die and there will be a bare spot. 

Mother nature does not like bare spots and will find a weed to grow in its place.
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