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Cinquefoil Weed Control

Type: Broadleaf
Traits: Low growing and spreading
Life Cycle: Summer perennial

Appearance: Cinquefoil is often called wild strawberries. This weed has five leaflets that are a medium green in color. This weed produces bright yellow flowers between June and September.

Cinquefoil has a tap root that is about one foot long. It produces up to 15 runners that attach to the ground wherever it touches, making it easy for it to spread. This weed is resistant to many lawn weed killers. It typically takes two or three post emergent applications to control this broadleaf weed. Choose a herbicide that contains mecoprop-P (MCPP) for best results. You will need to apply it every four to six weeks in the spring and summer for the best results. You can also use a glyphosate weed killer sparingly; however, if you are not careful, you can destroy the turfgrass on your lawn.

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