Ground Ivy
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Ground Ivy Weed Control

Type: Broadleaf
Trait: Spreading
Life cycle: Perennial

Appearance: Ground Ivy has pale yellowish green stems and dark green leaves. It thrives in shaded areas; however, it can also grow in sunny spots. Ground ivy forms a dense mat that crowds out other plants, including turfgrass. It has square stems and two leave originating from the same point. The kidney shaped leaves have rounded edges and prominent veins. From April to June, ground ivy produces purplish blue tubular shaped flowers.

Ground ivy is especially aggressive, which means you must act quickly to control and eliminate it from your lawn and landscape. Choose a preemergent herbicide that contains either flumioxazin or isoxaben. If you notice any ground ivy in your lawn, you will need to use a post emergent herbicide that contains sulfentrazone or sulfosulfuron.

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