Orchard Grass
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Orchard Grass Weed Control

Type: Grassy weed
Traits: Clumping
Life Cycle: Perennial

Appearance: Orchard grass is a perennial grassy weed. The leaves of this weed are bluish green with a prominent midvein on the underside of the leaf. The sharp pointed leaves are creased and dull in appearance.  Each leaf is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch wide. The seedhead of the Orchard Grass is pale pink and appears late spring to mid summer.

Orchard grass is hard to remove if it is allowed to take root in your lawn or landscape. You must act quickly and decisively to prevent it from spreading. If you see it, grab some glyphosate and spray it at the clumps of orchard grass to kill it at the root. When the orchard grass turns brown, dig it out and replace it with fresh turfgrass or sod. 

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