Sheep Sorrel
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Sheep Sorrel Weed Control

Type: Broadleaf
Traits: Low Spreading
Life Cycle: Summer Perennial

Appearance: Sheep Sorrel is a broadleaf weed that grows to a height of four to twelve inches. The stems of this weed are upright and reddish in color. The leaves are one to three inches long. The flowers on the sorrel can range in color from green to reddish brown. The flowers are clustered near the top of the sheep sorrel and blooms from May to October. 

Sheep sorrel seeds are especially strong and can remain viable for ten to twenty years. The fibrous root system that runs horizontally can grow deep (up to 5 feet deep). The creeping roots allow new shoots to form. Because of the vast root system, hand pulling this weed may not eliminate it from your lawn. Chemical treatment using broadleaf herbicides containing either triclopyr or dicamba is the best way to prevent sheep sorrel from overtaking your lawn and landscape.

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