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Most Common Types of Grass in Middle Tennessee
Are you looking for the best type of grass to use on your lawn in Middle Tennessee? Tennessee is in what is considered the transitional zone. We have really hot summers and cold winters. We mostly see fescue lawns in this area however a warm season bermuda grass is also commonly used here. Typically, grass […]
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flagstone
Before you begin any outdoor home improvement project, you must consider the different materials available. When it comes to installing a patio or walkway, you have several options available including concrete, brick, and flagstone. Flagstone is a type of sedimentary rock containing mica and quartz. These minerals are bound together with calcium, silica, or iron […]
Five Unique Landscaping Materials
Are you looking for a way to add interest to your outdoor spaces? Do you want to incorporate unique landscaping materials into your lawn? If so, we have you covered. We have gathered together a list of the top unique landscaping materials to incorporate into your outdoor areas. Many of these items are repurposed, which […]
How To Care For Your Lawn In The Spring
Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for summer picnics, cookouts, and time spent outdoors with friends and family. The exact timing for completing lawn care tasks will depend on your region and your climate. For example, if you live in the northern region of the United States, you may need to […]
Thicker Greener Lawn - (Professional Tips)
Do you want a thicker and greener lawn? Does your neighbor's lawn make you jealous? In this article, I have the answers for you. This will be information to help you do this on your own or you can call us to handle it for you if you are in our service area. A thicker […]
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